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Introduction: The Beach

This is one of the four cakes that was produced during a one day cake event having totally amateur participants for having fun at modamutfak in Istanbul. This cake has chocolate and labne cheese as filling is covered with red whipped cream and chocolate pieces. "the beach" cake is made by collaboratively by Ayca Beygo, Oktor, Evren Uzer, Deniz Gok, Mehtap Kocaman. modamutfak events are initiated by roomservices

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Step 1: Foundation

Bake a plain cake in a flat and low owen tray.
Make a cut on one side until one fifth of it. We will stuff this part in order to elevate it a little bit. This part will be the beach.
Prepare whipped cream, mix one third of it with yellow, and two thirds with green/blue to make the water side. and start to cover the cake. We covered one third with yellow considering it's the beach and the rest green/blue as the lake.

for the cake:
We used flour (400gr), baking powder (20 gr), milk (2 glasses), pinch of salt, powder vanilia (20 gr), sugar for the cake.
for the filling under the beach:
1 smashed banana
10 sliced strawberries
50 gr chocolate cream
for the cover:
200-300 gr of cream
2 teaspoons of yellow food paint
5 teaspoons of green/blue food paint
jelly candies (bears, coke bottles, snaky ones, all you can find

Step 2: Action Figures

Make different sceneries for the water sports and beach activities by using jelly candies and other decorative sweets. This might be a good opportunity to collaborate with kids so they contribute to the decoration of their cake.

Step 3: Final

With sun tanning bears and swimming couples here you have a summerish seaside view.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    very nice and i was just wondering could you change it up a bit and make it a day at the park?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    That looks like a very yummy cake, I absolutely love gummy bears!