The Best Ever Backyard Camping


Introduction: The Best Ever Backyard Camping

this is my home-not-so-far-away-from-home.I know it looks like a toolshed, but wait 'till you see inside!

Step 1: A Basic Overview

here you will see a basic veiw and very important objects for cabin camping! you will notice a fan and thermometer, great for summer!

Step 2: Ahhh, All the Comforts of Home!

in this cabin, I have some exteras that make it a lot more fun! the thing that looks like a metal bar is actualy a working blacklight!

Step 3: Is Mean AND Green!

not only does it save gas, but also electricity! the picture is of the vent which is see-through to let in light!



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    36 Discussions

    how is this camping? should change the title. more like backyard bunking. put a tent in the backyard.

    First off, this is not camping, secondly, yup! still a tool shed.

    oh wow, it's really really cute. I want to build my own house, but they won't let me in California.

    2 replies

    are you sure? i was on vacation in California recently and saw a house some guy built himself ... at least that's what they kept saying... i think it was called "Hearst's Castle" or something like that...

     I built my own house in San Diego, if you google " house on a vacant lot" you will find the radio story on it, and some pics.  $11,000 for one house built in three months on weekends.  Never say Die!

    I had an idea to build one of these i was going to build it kinda like a wood lodge with long pieces of wood (half of a circle ) then have a 2"gap for electronics insulation etc then plasterboard and wallpaper so it'd look professional. when i used to live in the county with a huge back yard i was thinking of digging a hole quit deep just smaller than the shed and putting supports in etc and having a shed with a basement lol .

    Gee, one usually goes to living in their parent's basement before they end up living in a shed in the backyard. It normally goes basement, shed and then a non running van down by the river.

    If I had this I would so put in real drywall, a couch, coffee table, a toilet, air conditioning, plumbing, a TV, a mini-fridge, a mini-stove, a place for cans, a sink, and a bunch of stuff to make it a mini-house. My friend has a mini-house like that and we lived in there for like a week or two and it isn't camping. Not living either. Its Luxury! Complete awesomeness without parents yelling at you.

    #1, that is not a playhouse! i sleep in it all the time! i only have an air matress and don't have a tent or anything! #2 it's not like it's this big amazing huge cabin for camping, most of those have actual matesses and heating. #3 i don't usualy go out there in the day, only at night, oh ya and i have slept out there in the middle of the winter. also, i want you to keep your coments to youself, i found your comment VERY offensive! you talk to me like i'm 9! i'm 14 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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    well, half of it. the basic structure was there when we moved here, but it took a long time and quite a bit of $ to get it to what it is now. (we have never REALY stoped building it, there is an improvment almost every month!

    While I am genuinely sorry for hurting your feelings, I must say that you'll have to get used to people critiquing your work here. You can't make people keep their comments to themselves. It's a forum. We comment on each other's ideas. I just have a different idea about what camping means. Don't let it bother you. If I were 14 and had a shed, I'd sleep in it too. Now, if you could cook your own meals out there on an MSR, that would be cool...

    Sorry, much as I like your cabin, this isn't an Instructable. I'd unpublish it and use the photos to make a slideshow.