The Bobby Pin Bow Thingy

Introduction: The Bobby Pin Bow Thingy

once thought to be a science progect...umm wait that doesnt fit...ok i figured this out when i was sopposed to be doing a science progect... it's pretty cool. ok now what you need:

two 3 inch screws

a pice of wood around a half inch thick, and 2 1/2 feet long

a long rubber band

a 3 and a half inch long screw.

and a lot of bobby pins.

Step 1: Getting Started

righty now... first you need to find a piece of wood around 1/2 inch thick both ways, and 2 feet long.

now drill a hole in the middle of the piece.
this is where the handle will go.

Step 2: Time for More Drilling!!!! Yay!!!!

ok now what you do is drill a hole 3 inches from the end on both sides.

p.s. i probably should have said this earlier but make sure the holes go all the way through

Step 3: Time for Screws!!!!

now drill the two 3 inch long screws into the holes on the ends with the star/cross/line facing the same way.

then drill the other screw into the middle facing the opposite way as the other two.

now put the rubber band around both the top screws so that it looks like the image below.

Step 4: Making the Ammo

just take the bobby pins and bend the ends away from each other like this:
\ /look down there

Step 5: Holding the Flinger and Shooting (the Fun Part)

ok hold it like this
\ /
and put the open part of the bobby pin
around the band, pull back, and
realease to fire!! just like the pic!


Step 6: I Dont Know How This Happened, But I Cant Get Rid of This Last Step

how do you get rid of it!!!???

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    8 years ago on Step 5

    i shot it and it kinda went back into my face...ouch