The Bride and the Groom

About: My name is Carolina Hunrichse, im an art teacher. I also make paper mache

For my cousin marriage she asked me if i can do the bride and the groom figurines for decorate the wedding cake in yes, paper maché. So i did it. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Design and Make the Wire Forms

Make a draw for the figurines position and do the

wire structure. Use some pliers to attach the endings, cut the feet to make a pointy end.

Step 2: Add the Paper Maché

Once you have the full structure, add some pva glue and the paper mache. Make the details with a

modeling tool. They wanted to include their dogs in the scene, so i did it.

Step 3: Sand It

The first image shows how it looks when the paper mache dries. Then you have to sand it to achieve a smoother look. The possition of one off the dogs was very importan because it has to be running out. (i made two off that)

Step 4: Start to Paint

Make a fleshy color. Mix blue, yellow and red for a brown color and then add white to make the matching tones. For the dog i did a brown but with more yellow. Add some makeup details too.

Step 5: Dress for the Occasion

With the paste i use for the paper mache and white soft paper i did the clothes for the bride and groom. Squares for the sleeves, pants and jacket. And curly and wrinkled paper for the dress.

And the hair was made of rolled strips glued one by one.

Step 6: Paint the Details and Glistening

PAint the tuxido and bride s wedding dress with black paint and glossy white paint. Add the chain and dog collars.

Then put it into the wedding cake and have a lovely wedding.

Step 7:



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4 years ago on Introduction

Ok that is a cool thing to do for someone. and a great instructable:)

pdearolf mallett

4 years ago

Beautiful! A lot of love went into it also.