The Cameraflash Tl Tube Driver (fluresent Tube)




When I get a new flash (disposable camera)
I will redo this Instructable
so it will be easier to read

This is a device that can power a tl tube. (fluorescent tube)
from 1 or 2 batteries depending on how bright you want it.

It can handle up to 40 wats.

this device comes from this page

I am only making the Instructable for it.

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Step 1: Get Your Tools and Stuff

You will need:

1 pair of pliers
1 side cutter
1 camera (does not matter what kind, but not digital)
1 tl tube
1 soldering iron
1 hour time
1 cup of coffee

Step 2: Taking It Apart

Take the camera apart.

Keep the circuit board in 1 piece.

When you're done, throw the plastic away unles you used a flash like on the photo.

Keep the lens and other bits for other projects.  You do have a junk drawer, don't you?

Step 3: Rebuilding It

The rebuild is simple.

You cut the diode at the anode side (assuming that there is 1 diode with the bar at the cathode side).

You unsolder the flash and capacitor and that is about it.

Step 4: Wire It

Well, now comes the hard part.

1. Connect 1 wire to the part of the diode that is still on the board (not the leftover pin but the side with the white bar on it)

2. Solder the on button/switch in a permanent on position.

3. The other connection is to the pin that is connected to the discarge coil.

Step 5: Hook It Up

Try it.

1 conection to the 1 side the other on the other side (duh)

and conect the battery.

if it works it lights.

And for a bonus you could light smaller fluorescent lamps.
That is realy weird because: when you connect the sides it will only light half.
When you want it to be fully lit you have to connect the 4 wires together and use a piece of soldering-tin that is wrapped around the lamp as a starter.

It will be fully lit but sometimes it need some help.

Edit: just some funny news.  The device still works on it's first battery.   It burns every night 2-4 hours (night light for the kids) and it seems the never run dry XD.

Step 6: Experiment

Well now it is up to you  to do it.

Please send me pix.   I love that kind of stuff.

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    8 years ago on Step 5

    i have other question xD what is the title of the music in ur video?

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructible...and don't worry about the English, it still made sense to anyone with half a brain and I always wonder about people who pick on others for spelling mistakes, wonder if they can write and talk 2 or more languages and get all their grammar wonder other people in other countries think us Americans are arrogant...

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    For your information, I speak English, French, Greek, and Latin. And no, it did not make sense the way it was written. I also have more than half a brain, having a very high I.Q. and a post-graduate degree in mathematics. I am trying to help this guy write a better Instructable. He has given me permission to edit it, so he must think I can help. Possibly he can learn something when he views the edit. What is your source for "no wonder other people in other countries think us Americans are arrogant"? Is that some, a few, all, or what? Besides the first "other" is redundant.

    By the way, you misspelled "Instructable". It is spelled with an "a", not an "i". Besides, you used an Ad hominem argument, which is a classic logical fallacy.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    A high I.Q. means nothing. Give an I.Q. test to a South American Indian and he would show a very low I.Q. but I bet he could out survive you any day in the rain forest. I.Q. tests are regional and stupid due to the fact they give people who flaunt them the excuse to discriminate against others. They where started back in the 30's to discriminate against people in the military and put "smart" people in charge of troops and "less intelligent" people on the ground, so they mean nothing. I don't really care how many degrees you hold or how many languages you speak. I hold a degree and speak a couple of different languages myself so that's not impressive to me. I have seen "smart' people know what they are talking about in their filed but they couldn't bend a spoon on their own when it comes to real life so experience. Degrees don't mean a thing other than a way to make more money in your life. You flaunt your degrees and your "intelligence" like its supposed to be impressive. You ridiculed the guys spelling and language in a pubic forum instead of sending him a private message, that's my example of being arrogant. I wasn't arguing with you in the last post so I wasn't using any sort of argument, simply making a statement. The instrucable made sense to me and I'm sure it made sense to others so where does that put your statement about it not making sense? One example throws out your conclusion if that example proves your conclusion wrong.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    BS, but then any additional mail from you is now blocked. I don't care to waste my time answering your inane comments.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    What is a "condensator"? Do you mean capacitor? Please edit and spell check before you post. What chip are you talking about - the circuit board? I think it could be a digital camera since you are taking out the flash circuit, not anything to do with the picture taking mechanism. Personally, I'd settle for a cup of coffee, but a cop of coffie might be good too. This could be a very good Instructable, but you need to work on your language skills. I'll even offer to help. dpf

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I appreciate that you are Dutch. I have collected stamps from the Netherlands for over 40 years and know quite a few of your countrymen who have settled here. My point is that you had a very good Instructable, but just didn't get it across very well. In your reply back to me, for example, "English" and "very" were both misspelled. If you had used the spell checker, it would have caught these. I'm trying to help you, really. I am making an offer to edit any future Instructable you write. You may have gotten some votes if it was written better, that's all I'm saying. English is a hard language, especially the technical stuff, even for the natives. Let me help? Dennis Finegan, Lisle (Chicago) Illinois, USA


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    well sorry i did not used correct grammar
    at work there is no checker for that
    and if you realy want you may help


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I would be glad to help. I helped another author last year. I went through his article and made corrections. He gave me access so I could edit it myself. That made me a little nervous since I could have changed it to really make him look bad if I wished to do so. Please trust me that I changed it correctly. If I remember correctly, he was also from the Netherlands.

    I would prefer that I copy your article, then make corrections or ask questions of you right on the article and then send it back to you. That way you would retain complete control. If you wanted to make the change, fine, make it. If you didn't want to change something, then just don't change it.

    What do you say? Accept my offer of help? I'm 64, retired, and found I like to help people. I'm sure both of us will learn something.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you can now edit the article
    i just dont care
    if you make it worse
    i redo it
    time is on my side XD


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I have made a minor edit. Just made it a little more readable. Unfortunately, I am not able to edit the notes in the photos. Hope you like it. If you have any questions, just ask. Glad to help.