The Cocoon




"The cocoon is a fragile environmentally interactive robot. It represents the contrasts and connections between technology & nature."

this was my year 11 art assignment from high school. The project outline was to create a work that represented a local island (stradbroke island), but as usual i took it way out of context and ended up building a tethered robot out of balsa wood.

i should also mention that there is no microcontroller/programmed electronics in use. everything relays on simple circuitry and relays.

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    I don't know what this is but it just looks so perfect, so creative, and very impressive. Can you explain what is this to me please? Thanks, and very nice work!


    I really wish I had your skill for crafting these things. Both this and Cocoon are awesome. Is there going to be a third stage soon?

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    i am glad to hear someone is following, getting stuff into a gallery is proving to be a bit of a problem since i don't have much of an exhibit history and nothing more than a pass in highschool art. so at the moment my art is more of a hobby than a profession, but i hope to change that soon. Actias Luna has 3 more stages to be completed and i hope to get it into a gallery some time next year, as for the cocoon i am not sure it could last an exhibition, it is so fragile and touchy it was like luck getting it to work for the video.

    if you want to see some of my other stuff this is my old website
    thanks for the comment


    I'm kind of sad to hear that his isn't part of Actias Luna. To tell you the truth this kind of stuff normally isn't my thing art wise. But, I love this piece because it has some weird organic qualities. I especially like the story of how it was inspired. I get this mental image of many of these weird cocoons with those feelers moving and bioluminescence hanging at night from the branches of trees on that island. Well... at least that's the best I can describe it. Anyways, keep it up.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    That's pretty awesome, that looks like it took tons of time and knowledge. Bravo, well done.

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thanks man. when i built this project entirely without the use of micro controllers/programed electronics. everything relies on simple circuitry and relays