The Easiest Skewer Gun Ever




Introduction: The Easiest Skewer Gun Ever

this skewer gun is so easy

Step 1: What You Need

all you need for this is a straw,a water ballon,a rubber band,and a skewer.

Step 2: How to Build

to build this,get the straw and slip the ballon over one end, then wrap the rubber band around a couple times so it looks like this



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    10 Discussions

    well not really, you hold the straw put the skewer in and pull back then let go

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    5 things:
    -what's the effective range
    -what's the maximum range(regardless of accuracy)
    -what's the accuracy within the effective range
    -what's the maximum penetration on cardboard
    -and what range is the maximum penetration in

    Please send a video to convince me :)
    P.S. sorry for the length of the comment

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    1'st not sure about it propubly 2-15 meters
    2'nd its about the water bomb for me it was about 20 meters and it hitted wall
    3'rd no idea :/
    4'th about 1/5 inches its about power,skewer and cardboard's thickness
    5'th dunno :/

    then you blow up the water balloon hold it and then put the skewer in and let go right?

    I made one 2 years ago but a dremeled of the head of a screw tape the end to fit the barrel and shot it. the air made it send and keep stair. i also added a tank i fill with air and a valve.