The First Micro Multi-shot Gun





Introduction: The First Micro Multi-shot Gun

yes, it is a small gun, but look on the bright side its different from every other small gun cause its this sites smallest multi-shot, so here it is

Step 1: Build the Body

build this (the gray things in between the two orange connecters are perfectducks enhanced knex pieces(cut the top half off of three gray connectors))

Step 2: Mag/hopper and Firing Pin

just follow the pics

Step 3: Put It All Together

do as the pics say

Step 4: Your Done

have fun shotting at things (and yes i realize that the gun is block trigger, they work better for smaller guns such as this one)



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    55 Discussions

    just use those swilel connectors

    you are the king of gay knex rubbish. guns like yours are the reason people like weissenstienburg (sp?) hate knex.

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    geez your so lonely you go on forums just to say "cool" and then to claim first comment?!?btw cool gun i dont think this has been done before.

    saying that means your a noob now cus now i dont say it and all of the cool people dont say it like mepain,oodalumps,danny,killerk,perfect duck so if you say it then your a noob.

    er.............................ok geez dude i was being *sarcastic* because you gave flames10391 a hard time. duh.