The Flower of Nail Polish

About: I like handcraft. My English is poor:)

I love handcraft but my english is poor.

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Step 1: All the Tools

These are all the tool we need,including pliers,the thin iron wire,green tape,and a bottle of idle nail polish.

Step 2: The First Petal

p.s. my english is poor, so forgive me simple word description about my steps.:)

Step 3: The Second Petal

use your hands twist small circles as petals, it's so easy.

p.s. i am so happy if you could correct my fault in English usage~

Step 4: The Third Petal

Step 5: The Forth Petal

Step 6: The Fifth Petal

Till this step, all petals is ok. we need adjust petals‘ radian to make it more natural and beautiful.

Step 7: Ring

Use the ends of two sides to make the ring.

attention: the size of ring is should bigger than your finger slightly, so you can do the next step.

Step 8: The Ring-making Is Ok

adjust all you look not pleasing to the eyes to make your last work perfect.

Step 9: Nail Polish

In this step, you should more careful and patient.

Step 10: Nail Polish Is Ok

Step 11: Unwind the Green Tape

unwinding the green tape is for protect our finger not scratch

Step 12: All Is OK

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    3 years ago

    Finally found a place that had what I was looking for. This is awesome, my 3 teenage girls and myself will be having fun with this