The Geek Pack V1.0




Introduction: The Geek Pack V1.0

this willl change lots of geeks lives.
this is a backpack for my PC and is made of stuff in my garage.

PS! i hold no responsibility for damager of property as a resalt of using the design

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Step 1: Get the Stuff Out


1x 18mm ply wood 200 x 400mm
2x 650 x 50 x 80mm wood
1x 10mm thick plank 400mm
1x an old back pack (hiking back pack)
1x aluminum flat bar
lots of skrews

Step 2: The Frame

place the 80 x50mm planks upright on the ply wood and draw around the base. now drill three holes in the marked are and put a 80mm skrew in the hole and skrew it threw so the end just stick threw. put wood glue in the area were the plank will sit. put the plank in position and skrew the skrews in and tighten. do this for both of the the top of the upright skrew the 10mm thick plank on.

Step 3: The Straps

now u will need to cut the aluminum into 2 strips just wider than the strap. drill atleast 4 holes in the aluminum. now put smaller skrews in the holes and put the aluminum against the strap and the strap against the wood and tighten.

now cut another piece of aluminum and drill at least 3 holes in it. put small skrews in the holes and skrew it into the wood.

Step 4: The Holder

now u must cut the quick clips off of the bag and sow A loop on the one.
on the other one u must put a piece of webbing.
cut another piece of aluminum and drill at least 3 holes in it put the skrews in the holes and skrew it to the wood.

now do this again for the other side

now to prevent the PC from going from side to side u will need something with two holes in it, i used insulaters.
tie the one end of the string to the one and skrew it to the side of the upright.
on the other side skrew one of the things with 2 holes on the side only using only one hole.

Step 5: The Vertical Tiedowns

drill two big holes about 20mm from the corner in the base.
now u must take another 2 things with two holes and more strings.

tie the one end of the string onto the thing with two holes. now put the string threw the loop that u sowed into the webbing. now put the string threw the same hole u tied the string to now put it threw the other hole and pull it threw the hole in the base dont tie yet.

Step 6: Fitment

put ur PC in the frame and pull the string tight. mark it and remove the PC. now tie the string so it is at the marks.
now place the PC in the frame and tighten the vertical straps.
now put the side strap on and pull tight and tie
PS not so tight that u cant get it undunn.

Step 7: Finito

put in the frame and u are all systems go

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    17 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    they have these things called laptops nowadays, you should look into them


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I would choose a laptop any day, but this issue is i simply can't afford one. Still wouldn't lug my box around though, thats what SSH is for. Im gonna make me one of these, my main mode of transport is my bike and this would be incredibly useful for picking up and dropping off peoples 'puters (macs are 'puters before y'all start) when i cant get a lift


    12 years ago on Introduction

    why not just mod a REAL backpack into a computer? I've wanted to do this so many times... maybe soon... getting proper distribution of weight is very important, especially if you're carrying the full computer on your back...


    cool, but i dont think i would trust that with my semi-new 2000$ custom computer :-\


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Great geeks think alike, it seems. ;)

    a grain of alt.

    I think it's great- a lot of us geeks have to haul our desktops around and it can be a big pain (especially for those of us with full towers). ---I can also think of a ton of reasons why I don't want a laptop as my main rig.


    12 years ago on Introduction you just need to build a table out front to hold your monitor while you walk (and of course a generator trailor for the power) i got an avio projector at work..and it came in this giant box with wheels and a handle on it...and foam inside...when i've got to transport a machine long distances (like...on cross country trips)...i just stick it in that box and wheel her around