The Knex P22 Pistol





Introduction: The Knex P22 Pistol

About: I am blonde, 5"3" , I have glasses , I am 12, I like K'nex Guy girl high gangster (\_/) (\_/) (\_/) (o_o) (*_*) (@ @) (> $<)

shoots about twenty feet single shot true trigger

Step 1: The Handle

not so tricky

Step 2: The Trigger


Step 3: The Barrel

kinda easy



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    nice idea. i've made, on my first true trigger gun, a simple system modified from the over piece consuming slide gun, that works smoother than the original. the gun fits EASILY into my sleeve, and packs enough of a punch to puncture drywall.

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    i am making a instructable on a knex black storm alien invader assualt rifle but i am waiting for jamalam to give me permission