The Last Firestarter

Well.. here it is... The last fire starter you will ever need.  Simple. Reliable. Effective.

Items required for maximum efficiency...
  1. 1 paper towel
  2. 1/4 c salt or sugar
  3. 3 inch piece of butchers twine
  4. 1/2 c oil
  5. zipper or slide lock style bag
once all components have been acquired, total device construction time is estimated at just under 30 seconds.  Construction is as follows...
  1. Sugar or salt is placed in the center of the paper towel.
  2. Harnessing any or all of your origami skills you will need to form the paper towel around the salt or sugar creating a "pouch" type thing which you should then be able to secure shut with a gentle twist and fasten with the butchers twine.  I recommend a knot, however, bows are acceptable - although never cool and certainly not gangster.
  3. Place your creation or The Unit in the plastic bag or other type container if preferable and saturate with 1/2 c oil.
  4. You have completed construction of your fire starter. smile.

The fire starter is then ready for use...

I have arranged the one in the pictures with 8 charcoal briquets, taking pictures at 5 minute intervals after introducing fire to it.

This fire starter is perfect for starting barbecue fires as you can normally assemble one with things you would need anyways at a barbecue... paper towel - barbecue is always messy there should be plenty around. sugar or salt - common seasonings at a barbecue. oil - used for seasoning and marinades, should be accessible. twine - if you have opened your charcoal bag correctly there should be plenty of twine for you to make a few "units".

How it works..

salt and sugar absorb oil... soo..... well... light it on fire.

REMEMBER!!!  oxygen + heat + fuel= FIRE!

This may not vastly improve the flavor of your food or techniques you use to prepare it - I cant help if you suck at barbecuing... but this will make sure you at least have a fire to burn your food over.



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The plastic is not an Eco-friendly fire starter material.

    I use newspaper, make an origami cup and fill with sawdust and pour in melted paraffin or beeswax. Close the edges of the paper around the wax saturating them. As it cools, partially peel up one corner and let everything cool and harden.

    The raised corner is your wick, there's nothing to leak, and no black smoke.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've found that a wax coated paper cup is an excellent fire starter.