The Leather Stache

Introduction: The Leather Stache

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look at me then look at you then look at me you my have notice i have quite a lovely stache! now would u like a stache like mine well look no further to day me and this instructable will be teaching u the basics of mustache making and other basic leather working foundations.


list of things needed for this project:
1x leather hide big enough to place any size mustache on ur face
1x swivel knife - a bit optional but it yields better results
1x ball and spoon modeling tool
1x craft sponge- not one u clean ur dishes with
paper towels
1X ruler or steel square ruler
leather dyes- sort of optional depends on look that you want
leather super sheen
winged divider - optional but again really makes it a easier project
wood slicker- option but sells the project
shallow pan
a Styrofoam head
2x pinning needles
hair dryer and or a iron
xacto knife
card stock papper
elastic ribbons
hairblade- optional but really cuts off work and really sells the stache

this maybe  a long list but some of it should be lying around the house but its a diffident not cheap if $50 is big to you but the tools can be used in some of my other insturctables now and soon to come so the are an investment 

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Step 1: Leather Choice

in order to crave, cut, mold, or do anything with leather u must have a general idea ready. now i had the idea to make a leather mustache and make it wearable.

now for the first step choose your piece to work on and inspect for problems such as unwanted dents and or discoloration.

Step 2: Damping

before starting the tooling or designing on the leather it must be damp. depending on where u live can vary how much moister is need for the leather. the general rule is get the leather wet but not soggy, it should star to bend in your hand but not to much. now get sponge and run it all over the leather and get it nice and wet then wait 2 or 3 minutes for it to start changing back to its original color before moving on to the next step.

things need for this step:
leather piece
a craft sponge

Step 3: Pattern

first u will need to find a pattern of a mustache and make it big enough for your face and the look your desire i went big and goofy :).

after finding ur pattern print onto the card stock and then cut the pattern with scissors or the xacto knife.

things need for this step:
xacto knife or scissors
card stock paper

Step 4: Cutting the Stache

place the template of ur stache onto the leather and start to trace around the edges of the stache using the modeling tools ball point till finished.

then using ur swivel knife cut the stache shape into the leather  ------- this part is optional but it make things way easier

now take the xacto knife and cut out the stache and be very careful

Step 5: Stache Hair

now this part is a really art and understanding of how hair looks.

first step is taking the modeling tool and using the spoon part to make lines that curve and follow the mustache's shape and this ill be the under coat

second part is taking ur swivel knife and make small light cuts in the leather like you did with the modeling tool but not as many as the modeling tool

the third part is more of an option but i really makes it look like real hair----- take your hair blade and do short and long strokes in order to blend everything together

Step 6: Put Some Holes in That Stache

i put to holes at the top of each hump in order to have elastic ribbons and thread in order to make it a one size fits all u can use what ever u want in order to achieve that but for right now just put the holes

Step 7: Stiffing Ur Stache

this is wat i did to make the mustache keep its shape.

take a cup of water and get it hot in a microwave and heat the water to 120 degrees f
then pour in a pan that u can fit ur stache in then dip it in there for no more then 2 seconds and the pull it out

Step 8: Molding

for this a Styrofoam head is a must take ur leather piece and press and mold to ur liking then take 2 needle pins and pin it down by the 2 holes u made earlier then let it sit for about 10 mins and us a hair dyer to dry out the water but dont over do it just get the leather back to damp or barely dry to make and u will ruin the mustache

Step 9: Finishing the Mustache

use whatever color of dye u want over the mustache and let dry or use a hair dry but be careful then after that throw on a coat of super sheen to protect the mask

Step 10: Attachment

i put the thread thur my elastic ribbon then tied it tight and bam there u go it was finished

remember to tie multiply knots thur the sting th keep it from going thur the hole and elastic :D

hope u enjoyed this intructable plz rate and comment :3

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