The Magical Duct Tape Wallet

Introduction: The Magical Duct Tape Wallet

this instructable will teach you how to make a magical duct tape wallet(btw sorry for the bad quallaty in the pics i have a crappy camera)(istructable #1)

Step 1: Materials Needed

first you will need:

duct tape
a ruler
a pen
and a 5 of spades

Step 2: Step #1

first you need to cut 2 10 inch long pieces of duct tape and fold in half like so to make 1 5x4" rectangle

Step 3: Step #3

repeat step 2 and now you use the 5 of spades and trace and cut on both squares like so but keep the scraps

Step 4: Step #4

now the reason i said keep the scraps is because you need to cut them to make the straps on the wallet so cut the thick part off then cut the long parts in half and then you will ahve 4 straps cut one in half again and keep 2 and keep the last just in case 

Step 5: Step #5

this step is tricky you have to follow exactly as i say

first take your rectangles and thick straps and attach them like so 

fold over like so

Step 6: Step #5

now take your other rectangle and thin straps and connect them to make an X like so

and fold like so

Step 7: Step #6

now to connect them you have to take the stright strap rectangleand place it down and and put the Xstrap over it like so

Step 8: Step #8

now you need money and place it in and bam magic wallet feel free to add your own twist like pockets and disign

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