The Office Wars: Mini Catapult V2





Introduction: The Office Wars: Mini Catapult V2

i have make an other than the old V1

Step 1: The Base

it is a very simple base but is works good

Step 2: The Trigger, the Swing and the Rubber-band-holder

you need too make make these thins for your mini catapult!

Step 3: Putting All Together

how to put all the things together into the catapult

Step 4: Putting in the Rubber Band

.: almost done :.

Step 5: Loading

press the red button to launch ' fire in the hole '



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    6 Discussions

    lol nice havent seen many catapults with a trigger :D

    I've had Legos in my office before, but I wouldn't call it an office anything unless it was made with standard office supplies. Not to say that this isn't an amazing K'nex catapult, just not an office one, really.

    1 reply

    Although, if Nerf is allowed in an office war, and can be called an office weapon, why not K'nex?