The Painters Hat Elegant and Vintage Hair Accessories




Introduction: The Painters Hat Elegant and Vintage Hair Accessories

this a pretty vintage style hair accessory its easy and almost costless the materiel was given to me as scraps and left overs form my sisters they know i love to recycle or reuse and not wast or throw any thing thats way my craft space is over flowing +my garage shelf sorry but i didnt take any before pics so ill explain it as simple as i can as a tutorial and hope u get what im trying to show

Step 1: Gathering Material

1/ what u will need 1- scissors 2- needle and a thread 3- decoration of ur choice ,,for the main pic i chose old pease of lace , feather , golden edged of-with ribbon , peal and a crystal 4- cloths of ur choice for the main pic i chose purple satin it was left over from my sisters curtain 5- a pease of felt 6- glue i use E6000 its missy but good to work with

Step 2: Making

1- first cut the cloths a circle , measure the end pease you wont and cut double of that size ,mien was about 3 inc. so i cut it a 6 inc. circle do a running stitch near the adage after you get to the end pull the thread lightly and secure it with a knot . 2- now chose your decoration ,i chaos an old lace and did the same thing by sewing a running stitch then secured it with a knot . then glued a feather and couple of pearl sticks on top of the purple yoyo (thats what its mostly called ) then add my circle lace on top at last the crystal on top of them all , 4- after its dried a bit flip it to athre side now cut the felt about half the size of the end pease then glue it to the bake and your don . you can add it to a hair-comb or a headband or a porch pin or even add a double tape and stick it to your book fridge or any thing you like , as you can see you decorate it my ways or according to you like. hops it was a useful tutorial .



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