The Perfect Summer Drink

are you looking for the perfect summer drink? well look no further!
a hint of lemon and mint, then gin and juice, topped of with ginger ale for some sparkly goodness. everything a nice drink needs.

and if you don't drink alcohol, not a problem, just don't put any gin inside, it will still taste amazing.

unfortunately my great drink does not have a name yet, if you can think of a good one, suggest away!

Step 1: Ingredients

gin of your choice
one quick word to the gin: i don't want to advertise anything, but should you be looking for a really good gin, i can totally recommand the monkey 47 gin i used, it is the best gin i ever drunk. and it comes from the black forest, just like me! it's not on the cheap side but worth every penny.

organic lemon
fresh mint
ginger ale
cranberry juice (or nectar, whatever is available)
blackcurrant juice (optional)
ice cubes

you will also need a knife, a muddler and a longdrink glass

Step 2: The Aroma Base

the following instructions will be for one drink!

with a sharp knife, peel away some slices of the lemon zest and put them in a longdrink glas. (be carefull not to cut the white part of the lemon, as it is bitter)
add one twig of fresh mint.

crush the lemon and the mint with a muddler or something similar. this will make the aromas and essential oils come out.

Step 3: Gin & Juice & Gingerale

put 3 cubes of ice in the glass and add 4 cl (40 ml) of gin.

add a dash of blackcurrant juice (you can also leave that out if you don't have any)

fill the rest of the glass half with cranberry juice and half with ginger ale.

Step 4: Enjoy!

add a slice of lemon for decoration and enjoy your drink!



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