The Rcp Smg


this is
The Red Book of Westmarch rcp pistol
that i modded into a smg
the stats
weight about 2 lbs
size 2 foot long
ammo grey connector
mag size 9
range 5~10 feet
(because i was used really weak bands)



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    Monday was my birthday and no one in my family i said happy birthday to me ( walks to gun room picks up the racker rifle and put gun to head and screams boom headshot and pull trigger ) hurt like heck but lived

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    Wow, that is pretty great bro. I would only say a few things. First off, elaborate. Take some time to talk about the gun, give it pros and cons, tell us the length, the weight, things like that. Second off, you might want to take just a tad bit more time in taking good pictures, some of these are quite blurry, and take away from the guns looks. But that stuff really just concerns the 'ible, not the gun itself, so lets talk about the gun.

    I would say that overall, it looks pretty good, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to improve my RCP. All I would suggest is that you clean up some of the edges, and make it more smooth. Hows the range, and what does it shoot?