The Reaper Crossbow Mods




Here are some mods for the reaper crossbow made by wicky these mods allow you to use ammo without the back grey piece. It also uses a new type of arrowhead that can hold up to 6 rubber band strings. if you are having trouble i will try to help but i may take it apart.

Step 1: Making the Barrel

1. if you do not have the orange pieces you could always use a yellow connector but with this its easier to find the hole
2. this is the main part of the barrel, easy enough
3. now you just add the white connector and the two spaces
4. make these 9 things, if you need help get an adult
5. add them as shown
6. don't forget the yellow rod!

Step 2: Making the Trigger Mechanism

1.make these but instead of using blue spacers use red connectors as shown in the next picture
2. this is how to attach the red connector
3. its not rocket science just make it
4. put all of the three parts together as shown
5.attach the trigger mechanism to the main barrel and this step is complete

Step 3: Making the Frame

1. make this and remember to leave the gap where a green rod could fit
2. pretty easy apart from the two gaps on each where a green rod could fit
3. add the red rods
4. fix the middle to the first outer part
5. then the second
6. fix it together more strongly with more red rods and a tan, this tan rod is important
7. you should have used this amount of red and tan rods by now

Step 4: Attaching the Barrel to the Frame

1. sorry for the slightly blurred picture but all you need to do is attach the black "hand" connectors to the tan rod
2. WHAT!!!!!! another slightly blurred picture oh well never mind just clip the yellow rod into the yellow rod shaped gap.

Step 5: Elastic

1. add the elastic
2. same thing just another angle

Step 6: Adding This to Your Trusty Reaper Crossbow

1. before.....
2. after!!!!

Step 7: The New Ammo

1. wow look at it its small and amazing and goes clean through 3 layers of cardboard



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    an awesum trigger!! ty ty ty ty without i wouldnt be able to finish my knex flak cannon from unreal tournament 2003-4 :D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    An overall picture would be nice. Those orance pieces are mad! Where did you get them from?

    1 reply