The Robotic Wall-e

Introduction: The Robotic Wall-e

i bought a wall-e online and decided to hack it. this instructable will teach you how to make wall-e's eyes glow with leds and create a battery pack that will last a long time.
this is an easy project and very fun.

wall-e    ebay   9.15$
leds       salvage or 1.05 $
battery pack   3.65 $
batteries   2.14

Step 1: The Best Part

first take wall-e apart
"girls, your not killing him so relax"
take the screws out of walle and dissassemble him completely.

Step 2: The Unscrewing

take the head apart by removing the screws there should be four of them.
turn the headup to make it easier for yourself.
unscrew the head and take aprt the two sides.
drill into the eyes the correct size of the leds( you will be glueing them in anyway)
have your resisters handy and have extra solder and wire.

Step 3: The Soldering

once you unscrew the head take out the eyes.
drill in the correct measurement fot he eyes that will match the size of the leds
they can be 3mm or 5mm
glue the eyes in place
and wire out the leds and solder ports for them

Step 4: The Last Step

this is the last step

you can place a switch but i didnt

get a 3 volt battery pack

Step 5: Vid

here is a video on how to make it

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