The Simple Clip Wallet




Introduction: The Simple Clip Wallet

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i was looking through the list of wallets earlier, and i relised every one was trying to wow the judges with how many things there wallet can do. so i decided i would make the simplest wallet i could think of, the clip.

Step 1: What You Need

all you need is:
wire cutters
a coat hanger

Step 2: Cut

cut a section out of the hanger

Step 3: Bend

bend it in half and then each half in half.

then bend each side up farther see picture 3

Step 4: Last Step!

bend the edges up so the bills don't rip.

Step 5: You Are Done

put some monney in it and shove it in your pocket



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    Try my Bandit Wallet - .  It's a new wallet band that is made of durable fabric - rubber on the inside and smooth on the outside.  Just launched it last week and sales are going well!


    you could just get a binder clip and hold your money with the clip handles folded down

    OMG. My old wallet fell apart so I was looking for an easy tut but I completely forgot that I won a money clip. Thanks!

    Wallet: storage device for holding papers and paper money.... I guess I can't say it :P That makes me sad somehow :( :D

    Yeah, but you didn't say to get the money. The minimalist approach, though, is genius.

    I was thinking of posting just a paper clip with some money in it just to see how everyone reacted... and my wallet isn't there just to wow the judges. I actually plan on using it instead of my bulkier one (I may redesign the change holder and add in the other ideas at the end).

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    i didn't intend to insult you and i gave you a positive rating yours is cool do you keep it in your front pocket or your back?

    Yeah, the simplicity vs. all the complexity is part of why I made Homey the Wallet(tm). Great minds do think alike. I thought of doing this, too, but decided a sock wallet would be funnier.