The Simplest Cheapest Motorbike You Can Possibly Make




About: i am in school and i like to build things i prefer everything that has two wheels and most of my projects require the use of not many tools as i dont have a torch or a welder or a pipe bender

i made a motor bike for $30 it can go somewhere around 20mph and uses minimal tools it took me about 3 days to build because i cant get parts very quickly



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    One thing you have to watch out for is that the bike looks like a BMX, which are unstable at high speeds.
    They have steep 'rake', almost vertical, on the front forks (and the handle-attachment). This allows a person to push the wheel around quite easily when travelling at low speed over rough terrain. But at higher speeds you want a shallow 'rake' as this makes the front wheel more stable to knocks and bumps. (That's part of the reason some Harley Davidson's come with those ridiculously long front forks - it does make the ride smoother.)
    Riding a steep-rake forked bike at high speeds can result in the wheel flipping out from under you.

    One of my university lecturers found out about this the very hard way when he was riding a mountain bike down a very steep concrete-surfaced road. Because the road was so smooth, he picked up a LOT of speed, hit a small bump, and then the bike spat him off and nearly under a truck. Had to have surgery to rebuild half his lower jaw.

    Bending the front forks forward won't be enough to fix a BMX, as you also have to adjust the handle attachment (the pipe the front forks rotate through). This mod would be more suitable on a road bike, with some sort of additional heavy frame to hold the motor in place.

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    i didn't know that thanks could you kind of draw a picture or something like that of your last paragraph and i did build a better mount other than the last design i posted. but one thing i discovered on this motor is that it has plastic bolts! i discovered this because in the last design the L steel snaped the bolt, didn't even bend it but the newer mount i made its all good and dandy. but if you could show me what you mean on the forks i would do that cuz i have wanted to make something like that for a while

    Sorry I didn't get back to you on this, but another person has just posted a video on making a Springer front-end for a pushbike.
    Unlike some of the other 'chopper' front-ends on instructables, he's designed the bottom of the forks for ride stability.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Your neighborhood looks like the one I used to live in when I lived in Palm Bay, Florida. Cool Instructable, 5 *'s!

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