The Smartness Inhanser


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this instructables has only the toughest, most difficult questions around and is designed to make you smarter than you currently are with just eight easy questions! you well need a piece of paper and pencil/pen. all you have to do is read all the questions and answer them

Step 1: 1

20 times 2 =

Step 2: 2

name the first president of the united states

these may not seem too hard, but believe me, you'll get smarter in the end, thanks to a process that's extremely hard to explain discovered by a scientist that was questionably insane.

Step 3: 3

draw a circle on the back of the paper.

Step 4: 4

name the primary colors.

Step 5: 5

name your favorite book

Step 6: 6

throw a tennis ball at a wall

Step 7: 7

poke a hole thru your paper.

Step 8: 8

good thing you read all the questions before you read all the questions before you answered anything, disregard questions 1-7 and give yourself a pat on the back for being awsome



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