The Uses of the Paw Paw Plant




Intro: The Uses of the Paw Paw Plant

the paw paw  is a usefull  wild plant that grows almost anywhere in the eastern half of the u.s.. whether for survival gardening or  camping you can use it here are just some of its uses.

Step 1: Eating

paw paw fruit is sort of like a bannana. when it is ripe it will be still green but it will not smell/ taste bitter.

Step 2: Insect Repellent

The leaves of the paw paw contain natural pesticides so rubbing them on your skin or burning them will keep the bugs away.

Step 3: Lice Powder

if you happen to get lice while surviving in the woods just dry out a paw paw fruit powder it and put it in your hair.

Step 4: Recipies!

go to for recipies



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    6 years ago on Step 4

    Your PDF is broken (or possibly not there). It pretends to download but the result is broken/can't be read.

    Pretty short and to the point anyway so a pdf isn't needed. Just an FYI about it being broken.

    Thanks for the ible!