The Versatile Pill Bottle (baby Edition)




Introduction: The Versatile Pill Bottle (baby Edition)

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I owe these ideas to my youngest daughter and her new baby, I had to fudge a bit to get pictures because I could only find one empty bottle and..well you'll see...

  reuse, repurpose, recycle

Step 1: Supplies

Anybody who has ever hauled a baby around knows you need a small tractor trailer to haul all the extra stuff they need. This idea helps to save a little room in the diaper bag.

 empty pill bottles (your pharmacy may give you some unused ones if you ask)
 plastic grocery bags
 pins  ( I had to subsitute bolts)

Step 2: General Storage

a large pill bottle will corral all the ear/tummy drops and creams, it can also keep a pacifer or 3 clean even a couple diaper pins for emergencies, or in the case of the picture a couple of new hood bolts for my truck

Step 3: Diaper Disposal/carry Bags

ok, there's a reason babies wear diapers and when its provided its service something needs to be done with it. Both of my daughters use reusable diapers so they need to be transported home, a plastic grocery bag contains moisture and aroma, a pill bottle will neatly hold 3 or 4 plastic bags, just push them in as tightly as possible and add the cap

Step 4: Baby Wipes

baby wipes are a MUST, ok maybe not a MUST bt definately a good idea, the problem is the box is so big, I managed to roll up and squash 13 wipes in the bottle ! I know in the pic theres only 5 but I wanted to see how many would actually fit AFTER I took the pics 

Step 5: Tissue

wipes AND tissues ? I guess you can never have to many supplies but I totally stole this idea for my trucks glove box and when I get another bottle I'll put some adhesive tape, alcohol wipes and bandaids inside.

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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 3

    "moisture and aroma" very eloquently put

    The child safety lock on the bottles makes your inventions really impressive.
    Way to go!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you although I doubt that was even considered