The White Lightning Alien Assualt Rifle Verision 3.0




Introduction: The White Lightning Alien Assualt Rifle Verision 3.0

About: I am blonde, 5"3" , I have glasses , I am 12, I like K'nex Guy girl high gangster (\_/) (\_/) (\_/) (o_o) (*_*) (@ @) (> $<)

The white lightning alien assualt riflecan reach out and slam your target 30+ feet has a 6 round mag good stock true trigger light weight so you can pull away quickly and silently from battleit can shoot blue rods or grey so here it is the third but not last version of the gun so check it out!!!



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    thid lookd like my crappy knex rifle. im not saying yours is crappy. it just looks flismy.

    hrmmm alien guns..... someone should build a borderlands alien gun, that would be awsome - anyone?

    okay... i was expecting a bit more of a frame, but this is good! =D