Thing-a-day 2011 - SUCCESS!




Introduction: Thing-a-day 2011 - SUCCESS!

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Wow, that was crazy. I think I'll do it again next year. :D

And you should probably head on over to the site and have a look as well:

Day 1:
Rocket ship clock - made out of cardboard and acrylic paint. Actually made late last night on a whim, but since I finished after midnight, I called it good.

Day 2:
Sassy kitty embroidery. I sorta want to do a whole series of her. She makes me happy.

Day 3:
Recovered my kitchen chairs with fantastically on-sale oilcloth. Feeling pretty good that all of them match now - even if a couple had to be pieced together! :D Plus, I only had a 10x12 piece and some scraps left over from the yard. No waste, wooooo!

Day 4:
Thimble earrings! I inherited about 30 of these from my grandmother, and I never use them while sewing. I decided to make use of a couple of them. They jingle very slightly when I walk, too. Awesome.

Day 5:
Cat toys for Miss Didi. (look at her cute little paws, omg)

Day 6:

Day 7:
Sriracha and sweet potato fries. Prepping fabric for a dog bed, too. :)

Day 8:
Famous hair of The X-Files.

Day 9:
Sassy Kitty and I are both in bad moods.

Day 10:
Pieced together the top of Roscoe's new bed. :)

Day 11:
Love Bot made from scrap felt.

Day 12:
Hand printed a ton of valentines from a block of foam. Sore arms.

Day 13:
Sugar scrub - white sugar, honey, olive oil, cardamom... also made some trial fudge to go with the valentines.

Day 14:
Fudge was a bust. I spent the rest of day 13 signing and sealing valentine cards, and all this morning packaging candy into little bags. 26 cards and 26 bags of candy! Whew!

Day 15:
Made my first necklace! Buttons and embroidery floss.

Day 16:
Attempted to paint a trashcan, realized the spray paint for plastic sucks, made a catchy sign.

Day 17:
First impressive doodle in a long time. :D

Day 18:
Birthday party - made spinach & artichoke dip, refried bean dip and sides.

Day 19:
Started to decoupage a shelf.

Day 20:
Finished the shelf! :D It's covered in western paperback pages.

Day 21:
Slenderman doll draft... messing with making a pattern.

Day 22:
Dinner. Pasta, garbanzos, a red onion, three cloves of garlic, broccoli, red chile, cheese.

Day 23:
House remodel for Didi.

Day 24:
Embroidery of my horrible tooth. My wisdom teeth are finally coming in. I might die.

Day 25:
A rough day. Work was crazy, I was exhausted, so I simply embroidered the word that described all of it. :P

Day 26:
Pika needle book - now my needles won't be alllllll over. This is my second needle book.

Day 27:
Lunch. Chickpeas, peppers, onion, a thai chile, and bulgur. Sometimes I want happy food on dreary days.

Day 28:
Sewed up some potholders and made a how-to!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool. trying to keep up with projects is insane.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very NICE....I would be lucky to get out "a thing a month" LOL


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, they have buck yarn at my dollar store too!

    If you ever do the Sassy Kitty series, I should do one on the NachoMahma Doggy, chain-smokin, cuss-a-minute, flag-waving, free-spirited hound dog.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! It is definitely one of my favorite things from this month. :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I hope I will. :D
    I still have a lot of stuff I want to do!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I want to change out the hands to something more futuristic in the future. :)