Thing to Do With Left Over Paper

Introduction: Thing to Do With Left Over Paper

About: someone is actualy reading this

This is a work in process, wanted to publish it so i can work on another instructable, i do have plans to add lots to this
no surprise, i did not come up with much, if any of this. This is just stuff i have seen and then had a shot at.


there are plenty of things to do with left over paper. and there are plenty of times when your bored at school or work or some random place, and you just want to do something to fill in time or show off some thing random.
or it may be the simple fact you just accidentally printed too may copy of something.

I printed a huge ebook, only to find it was kinda boring so i surfed the web and found some fun things to make out of it.

so far its mainly paper planes and a few other things i have seen, but this is problay going to be on going.

suff you will probaly need
a fair bit of paper
time or boredom
paper clip
some kinda glue

people I owe some cedit to
the author of the book im am turing in to planes and stuff - A.A.

Step 1: Some Kind of Obvious Things

this was never meant to be a seroius instrucatable.

simply  scrucnh it in to a ball and have pot shots at the bin or some random.

dont worry too much it should get more intersting than this

Step 2: A Classic, the Generic Paper Plane

this one is rather strait forwards so if you end up not being able to make one its probably the instructables fault.

all you need is one sheet of paper.

first of all fold in half one long ways
two, get one corner and fold it down
flip it over and do the same to the other side of the corner

fold the top of one side to the bottom of the plane horizontally
flip it and fold repeat the previous step

and you have just made the worlds simplest paper plane

to fly, just through it, kinda obvious
ok its not great but its easy, and flys ok-ish

Step 3: One of Those Falling Helicopter Things

Not sure what exactly if they have a name but they are extremly fun considering how simple they are.
You probly should not do this in class, its kind of obious that you not working
but they do look cool when you drop them off a roof.

This is very quick to make.

first of all cut the bottom 10 cm off a page of a4 paper (if you have been doing oragami you will probly all ready have a few)
fold it in half
fold about 3cm of one end over
then on the opposit end cut about half way down the middle of the paper (ref photo)
and bend the blades a bit
and finly cut out 2 rectangles from the bottom and put a paper clip on the bottom

then drop it of some thing high

Step 4: Hammer Head Plane

This one may look funny, but it can go really quick and a good distance.

Sorry if the pictures make it confusing.

Start with a normal A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half long ways.
Then fold the corners in to the middle, so that the edge is in line with the center fold.
Now fold in across the bottom of the 2 corner folds.
now fold what have become the (in the pics) the top and bottom left corners in to the center about an inch away from the point in the middle
Now fold the point up so that it covers the las two folds
Fold the the center fold so that the last lot of fold are on the out side
and finaly fold the wings dow so that they are parallel with the center fold, about 1 to 3 cm is good.

Step 5: Lets Get Radical

ok its no that funny

ok it isnt really is not radical, but you could turn a book into a Paperback Book.
this is pretty much showing you something i saw
i found out how to do this from:

2 clamps
2 good bits of wood
a flexible 5 minute epoxy resin
ear bud cotton things
some kind of cover
of course a pile of paper that is a book

Step 6: Glue the Book

Step 7: A Magic Rose Cube

like with binding the book, this is just me copying what i saw in:
hushy's instructable -

Step 8: Some Day There Is Going to Be Something Here

its a work in progress

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