This Room Needs HELP, Its a Den, Its an Office, Its a Mess

There is no storage for the office items, the TV is hard to watch, there is no where to sit and this room is NOT comfortable

What can be done???



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    How this is even a challenge, is beyond my understanding.

    On the wall with the grey passe partyout picture:
    A long desk, as long as the wall itself - but not in front of the window on the left.
    (a white 2 meter x 75 cm Vika desk from Ikea would suffice, with a Vika Lerberg trestle in gray)

    Put the threadmill along the wall, in front of the window. That way you can look out the window, while running.

    On the wall where the bookcase is; shelves. Shelves from floor to ceiling (or, one custom made bookcase to cover the whole wall).

    Keep everything in bright colours, preferably white and do it right the first time.

    Don't have the idea? Wait for it.
    Don't have the money? Wait until you've earned them.
    Don't have the time? Make time.

    Don't do anything 'half', you'll only be half as happy with the result.

    Cheers and have fun :)