Thunderbolt Rbg





Introduction: Thunderbolt Rbg

a gear action rubber band gun with a crank trigger mechanism. so you just crank it back to fire. this is kinda like a prototype so if made some mods or somtin tell me cuz i want to improve on this. oh yeah one more thing when u fire this use skinny rubber bands or else it will just slip off.

Step 1: Gear Action and Crank

the gear mechanism and the crank to fire it.

Step 2: More Parts

here are some more parts.

Step 3: Connection One

connect the two parts in the last step.

Step 4: Connection2

connect all the parts.

Step 5: Loading and Firing.

alright now take a small and skinny rubber band and hook it around the yellow connector in the front. now bring it all the way back to the blue/grey gear and hook it on one of the slits. now crank to fire. here juz watch the vid sorry about all the noise. you may fire many at a time.



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    nOt. Very good. I know that almost everyone hates rbg's, but maybe someone should try to make a good quality one. One that looks like it was made by mepain or something:-).

    9 replies

    yeah dude this is wen i had like 200 somtin peices now i hav 600+ but i no its not very good i dnt no y ppl hate rbgs ther realy fun. do u hate me

    Lol, I don't hate you and I don't HATE RBG's. I just don't particularily like this gun because it's a bit simple for my liking.I guess I don't really hate RBG's, but guns that shoot pieces are more fun.

    (im ouch btw) lol i looked at the comment and i made a typo "do u hate me" is soposed to b do u hate em lol

    We dont hate you, but it would be nice if you used NORMAL english... and i have 16000 pieces (16k)

    I have a awesome one, I'll try and dig it up. It was a 12round semi-auto that could welt if doubled up. I also added a pin in Ver.2 so when pulled, the semi-fire feature dropped to a burst fire.. THAT left welts

    You guys should check out my rubberband gun, it's probably one of the best rbgs on this sight! It has multifire capabilities and an escapement mechanism all combined in a sleek western pistol design.

    well, on the far left side of the gear part of the gun, there are a blue and a red cog/ger heh? well, if tyou swap those it will fire much faster :P

    hmm sounds like GTA in the back ground. am i right?