Ti_ms Finger Funnel




Introduction: Ti_ms Finger Funnel

When you're in a bind, and you don't want to make a mess go for ti_ms approach to saving the day.

All you need is one container that is two small, one large container full of desired liquidy content, and two fingers.

Hold containers like your going to pour from the largest to the smallest. Place your index fingers along the lip of the largest container as the liquid is pouring. Point them into the smaller container and violla! Funnel.

Enjoy your new found funnel-less freedom.



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    8 Discussions

    lol i give this the sticker of offically the most useless instructable EVER!!! dont mind me its just very very VERY pointless lol just saying it would be usefull but not usefull enough to show people to put their fingers near something they pour

    it might be advisable to also add a label about "finger washing is wise too". but then again...this was inspired by ti_m! thecheese...it is moldy milk! i think the name is kephir>>>wikipedia will explain all!

    What happens if it is really hot, like lava....?

    1 reply

    Well, if anyone ever produces these commercially, don't forget to put "Do not use finger funnel with lava!" on the packaging. :)