Tin Can Pots for Herbs




This is a quite easy and cheap project that I made for my sister's birthday.

Materials you need:
 - empty tin cans
 - cardboard or a thicker paper (I used a cereal box)
 - acrylic paint (color of your choice)
 - black and white acrylic paint
 - hot glue/super glue
 - lace ribbon
 - rubber bands
 - paintbrushes (normal - for the cans - and very thin - for writing the labels)
(- sandpaper)

 - herbs or any other smaller plant you wish to dress up :) e.g. parsley, basil, chive, rosemary, mint..

Step 1.
Wash and sterilize the tin cans (mine contained cat food, so I wanted to get rid of that smell..) Be careful with the sharp edge!!
You can use sandpaper to take off the edge.

Step 2.
Paint the cans to the colour of your choice, use ~2 coats to cover nicely. Let them completely dry.

Step 3.
Cut out small rectangular pieces of cardboard and glue them to the cans with hot glue or superglue. You may want to bend the cardboard a bit first to fit the shape of the can better :) I've put rubber band on them to hold the little cards onto the cans until they dry.

Step 4.
Paint the small board black and let them completely dry. Design the labels with a pencil and paint the names of the herbs. Cut the lace ribbon to the size of the cans and fix them with hot glue or super glue. The pots are ready!! ;)

Step 5.
You can make holes on the bottom of the pots with a nail and a hammer to let the water leak through. Cover the pots outside in small plastic bags to protect them from dirt while planting the herbs in them. Plant the herbs - you may need more soil to completely fill the cans. And you're ready! Place them in a sunny spot, preferably your kitchen window :)




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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I'm glad you're inspired by this. Please attach a photo of it/them, when you're ready! :)