Tin Can Ukulele





Introduction: Tin Can Ukulele

To make a tin can ukulele all you need is some elastic bands(Different sizes) and a tin can. the you put the rubber and around the tin length way and then keep them in place with either tape or elastic bands.



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    I would but i hate everything about being in videos. but if you squeeze the top you can make it sound different and you can add up to as many elastic bands onto it as you want just as long as they are parallel.
    but if i have time i'l try to make a video for it :)

    You don't have to be in it, just your hands and the can.

    Add titles to it, and include a link to this page, and YouTube will then drive visitors to this page.

    well it wont be on today but once it is i'l let you know i have to go oover to my girlfriends house