Tiny Cute House Windshime...

Introduction: Tiny Cute House Windshime...

About: I m fun loving person... I love to make things from waste and paper ... and find ways to make them easy to make :)

it's a cute idea to decorate ur home with minimum cost :)

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Step 1: Things U Need..

1.chart paper
2. colour
3.napkin paper
4. lights
6.round ring

Step 2: For Tiny Houses...

1. cut chart according to the measurements
2.colour them and make little hearts..
3. for roof... cut chart according to given measurements and colour with golden colour

Step 3: Built Them

Step 4: Make Flowers

make flower as shown above then glue them on round windshime ring

Step 5: Decoration

now hang houses and decorate them with lights..

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