Tiny Gun




About: I have a knack for making functional miniatures. I don't use any specialized tools or materials for making these.

Intro: Tiny Gun

Scratch built from a credit card, metal sheet, spring and wire bits
without any specialized tools

This tiny gun was inspired from the 2 mm pinfire guns.  Due to my knack for miniaturization and minimalistic approach wanted to make it from scratch.

The mechanism is same as found in Berloque pistols. The main parts except for the barrel are from an old credit card, including the hammer and the trigger cut outs from it.

Only the spring and the barrel are metallic. The spring was customized from a spring from a ballpoint pen.

I was successful in the first attempt with the mechanism. Tiny bits of wire serve to hold the mechanism in place like rivets.



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    mikroGaneshCSI worker

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I have one micro cap gun in mind with similar

    This was just an experimental model, will post that