Tips on Taking Stuff Apart




Introduction: Tips on Taking Stuff Apart

got a few things to make it easier and safer 

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Step 1: Setup

get a towel, white works best, this is actually used to help keep you from loosing pieces, the cloth makes it hard to bounce and get lost and if its flat enough they are actually easier to see than on a hard surface. you may notice I'm just in my room (shh I'm not supposed to be), if your parents say its OK i would suggest you do the same, i would but i'm stuck with the garage as a workplace and its cold out there. 

Step 2: The Item

in this demonstration i will use a digital camera. make sure everyone applicable knows your taking it apart to avoid... the danger of being in trouble

Step 3: Cracking It Open

don't force the plastic if its not working somethings probably sticking

Step 4: Take the Case Off

if its not working check for more screws or look for snap-on connections, if its glued together then use a knife to separate it but be careful and make sure its sharp, don't go to deep- we don't want to damage those precious inner parts, and don't put to much pressure on the knife go back and forth if you have to believe me it will save your fingers. 

Step 5: Get Any Other Screws Off

this may be required in order to get all the casing off BE CAREFUL! you DO NOT want to get shocked, have your fingers fried, killed etc. watch out for capacitors, ceramic or electrolytic it doesn't mater they can both carry a big charge capable of killing you, they are those little black/blue/white/green/brown/etc. disks and cylinders that have... here let me show you  (see big image)

Step 6:

you can de-solder everything and use it if you want, almost all the components i play around with are salvaged 

Step 7: Done

you should be finished now, unless you want to go any further but i don't suggest it.
now you get to have fun, if you can turn it on all uncovered and watch what it does in my case i took the focusing lens off and watched what it did to the screen, it was actually quite entertaining but rather shocking to see the spark it made when you discharged the capacitor on the flash,  take it from me don't touch it (and if your using a piece of metal i used a screw driver make sure not only that its insulated but that your holding it on the insulated part, otherwise it hurts [do not read what follows unless this instructable to you was beginner and you're pro] this will make a great tazer/stun gun once i'm finished with it. and yes it can disable reflex functions temporarily.

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