Tired or People Stealing Your Stuff? Hide It!

Introduction: Tired or People Stealing Your Stuff? Hide It!

people need places to hide stuff from people with sticky fingers robbers, sometimes parents(not recommened hiding stuff from parents), and anyone else who you dont want knowing u have these things. here in the following steps is how to make a aresol can with secret compartment. when following these steps be very carefull to not hurt yourself others or animals. i do not take responsibility or your actions of following these instructions.

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Step 1: Great Tools to Help Hiding Your Valuables in the Aresol Can

items needed for hiding smaller items such as rings necklaces change and other small valubles.
 items you will need:
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks
an empty aresol (can perferably one you keep in your room alot such as air freshener.also the can needs to have a smll lip for your can opener to hold on with.}
a sall jar that will fit inside your aresol can.
 a box of tissues  or toilet paper will work if tissues are not available
can opener (you will perfer a specialty sideways can opener as to not destroy label  around   your can like i did)
a knife (this is to put a small hole into the can)

in the pictures i did no have the hot glue the hot glue gun or the can opener sorry about this i will show you in following steps the hotglue parts with super glue instead i still highly recommend hot glue over superglue.plus i have this project premade

Step 2: Time of Learning

it has been awhile since i have posted this but i have also found better ways about doing this operation that make this a little nicer.

i have seen some nice can openers these are called latter can openers. it cuts below the rim with smoother cuts leaving the whole bottom of can intact, by leaving the bottom intact when you get to step 4 everything will look nicer in the end. i used too much hot glue in the example. it has been nearly 9 months since the creation of the example and the lid-bottom of aresol can has separated. also my recommendations are now to either find other ways of making it quieter when being pulled out and placed back inside the container or glue the tissue into the can not around the jar. if you made yours exactly the way in the example then the tissue on the side of your jar has torn away. sorry. 

sorry i have no more pictures or new pictures. i have been learning photoshop some and i think i have a better camera now to thanks to apple ipod 3rd gen. i will add more instructables in free time till then send me a message.

Step 3: Take the Empty Aresol Can and Double Even Triple Check for It Being Empty.

if it is not empty then empty it  to the point of nothing is comng out of it and you can squezz in side a lil bit dont press hard enough to leave a dent though.  

Step 4: Putting a Hole in the Can

now take off the nozzle usually white or red ( in case you do not understand its the part you press in to let contents out of the can).now take the knife and put a smal hole into the can underneath where the nozzle was. becareful this is the most dangerous part of  the project.
i am sorry there is no great picture for this because i premade it i hotglued lid to can before thinking about making video.

Step 5: Now the Project Is Started Grab Can Opener.

step 4 grab  your can opener and cut out the bottom of your aresol can as neatly as possible my can opener was very dull when making my expierment so mine does not look as good. keep this piece you will need it. pull out straw like thing and throw away. notes:a better way to do this than i did is intstead of taking only the inside piece of the bottom go around the top of that piece it looks alot better. i will try to restate myself for those who have trouble following my directions. find the metal circular piece at the bottom of the can. now find the very top of that metal piece. cut where that piece meets the tube part of the can.cut on the tube part as close to the metal disk piece as possible.sorry if you already tried his and messed up the project like i did.

Step 6: Take Bottom Clean Off Grab Tissues, Jar, and Metal Piece

this is going to be a big step stuff tissues or toilet paper to bottom of can if using tissues you need 4-5 of them toilet papr unknown. 1 way to tell if you have enough in the bottom is place the jar inside the top of the jar should come to the point of the bottom lid of the can used to be. now hot glue the metal piece of the can to the lid of the jar.

Step 7: Hot Glueing Is Not Complete

if you do not like how it sounds when shaken take jar out and keep following instructable, if you dont care your done. take lid off jar.  hot glue first end of a folded tissue to jar and wrap till the end put hot glue there to. now this next part of the step you need to be fast . hot glue inside of can and out side of tissue jar and slide into can again. you may need the knife again to cut off dried hot glue from around bottom of can for stability. and looks.i did not glue mine in but i cant get lid off without pulling it out because i used a bad jar.

Step 8:

now twist and untwist cap on and off the jar it should be easily done.

Step 9:

now take jar lid off place your valuebles in can stuff with more tissues to keep from rattling place lid back on. and your valubles are hidden.  have fun with storing your valubles in here.
since your hiding this make sure only the people you want to know about this know. make sure your parents know and or dont throw it away remember you probably have money or something valuble in it.

                                   have fun with it   !!!!!!

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    5 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for the tips im going to try to learn gimp or photofiltre i have had no expierience with photo shop type stuff, im not going to redo pictures but maybe put in more detail. i am about to do a ible similar to this one. this time im going to be more specifi and hopefully have better pictures. have fun making your projects.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I can read what you're doing but if I had to go by the pictures I'd be clueless. If you take good pictures in daylight you may not even need software to enhance them. It's a good hiding place but probably something I'd forget.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    > is this program free? . Google is your friend. . . . GIMP should do the job and it's free.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Please, upload all photos to a free image editor, as PhotoFiltre for example, and increases the gamma factor. They will improve dramatically!