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Introduction: Tissue Flower

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this flower is made by 2 tissue paper and a thread

Step 1:

step 1 :Take 2 tissue paper and place them over one another coinciding each other

Step 2:

ster2: fold the tissue paper 2 equal half and then open it

Step 3:

now cut the shown line . now take the 2 parts and place it over one another .

Step 4:

fold the set of 4 coinciding rectangular tissue paper and fold them in zig zag pattern

Step 5:

after folding in zig zag pattern ,cut out small triangle from both the sides .

Step 6:

find the mid point of tissue paper and then take the thread and make a tight knot at the mid point

Step 7:

now open the zig zag pattern so that the tissue paper look like a circle .

now ,

pull first layer of one side and then of other side .

continue to pull all the layer till it look like a flower

Step 8:

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