Tissue Paper Lamp

Martha Stewart inspired tissue paper lamps

Step 1: The Idea

so i got this great idea while going thru martha stewarts book of crafts.very easy to make dahlia like pompoms that hang from the ceiling giving the room a nice cheery effect.i decided to modify that very pompom into a lamp pom pom.
link below


Step 2: The Modification

To bring the lamp in shape i needed an internal sturdy shell ,which would be translucent for light to pass thru.

I decided to make a conventional round paper lamp shell using pvc glue , paper and a baloon
instructions for the same in the link below


After this is made and dried,punch in evenly spaced holes in the shell to make space and insert the tissue paper

cut a square tissue paper into half's and fold each half's into separate fan shaped cones,as in the Martha Stewart tutorial.
Now insert the pointed parts of the tissue cones into each holes,gradually covering all holes.

Open up the tissue cones from the out side to give a bloomed out effect

Step 3: Add Light

add a light source to the lamp and hang it :D
you can add colors to your lamp by either dying tissue papers to the color you require, or just use crepe paper instead,enjoy your new lamp!!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    thank you Hollymann, a good air circulation from the top of the lamp would rule out the fire hazard.but i still would suggest lighting it only under supervision.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful as long as they don't start on fire! I love them!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    great for hay and flu season, shinning light your way to tissue