Tissue Paper Pom-pom Balls!

Introduction: Tissue Paper Pom-pom Balls!

With these quick and easy decorations, you can add unique accents to any part of your wedding for pennies out of your pocket. Hang them over your cake or even over the dance floor! You can call up your bridesmaids, turn on some tunes and bring out the snacks and have a pom-pom party! All you need is 8 pieces of tissue paper in your favorite color, a large paper clip, some ribbon, scissors and a ruler. 
You can make them any size you want to accent favors or even use as napkin rings! 

Step 1:
Stack 8 pieces of tissue paper, and make 1 1/2 inch wide accordion folds. Make sure to crease each fold.

Step 2:
Take your paper clip and unwind it till it is straight. Then fold the paper clip in half and slip it over the center of the folded tissue paper and twist the ends so it is secure. Then slip one end of the ribbon between the paper clip and the tissue paper and tie off the end.

Step 3:
Take your scissors and trim the edges of the tissue paper into rounded or pointy shapes.

Next you want to separate the layers pulling towards the center near the paper clip, one layer at a time.  

Step 5:
Hang for everyone to Enjoy!!

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