To Gnome Me Is to Love Me.

Introduction: To Gnome Me Is to Love Me.

 garden gnome and his garden.  dress is based on vintage vogue pattern 2962 using silk taffeta.  made an underskirt with lots of layers of tulle. large silk fabric petal shapes added to waist.  added faux flowers, leaves, birds, nests and bugs with fabrictac (great glue).   headpiece using floral wire and faux ivy, mushrooms, foam ears, and a bird (it's in the back).   

glued leaves and flowers onto a vintage purse for my handbag.

gnome consists of fleece pants and top, large 'fur' slippers',  wig is huge blonde wig which i deconstructed and attached to the fleece hat.  pipe was a purchased plastic sherlock holmes pipes covered in a thin layer of clay.   painted with browns and greens, attached moss and twigs, filled with moss.   

fun costumes.  it was a great night :). 

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