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Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Bird Toy

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Bird toys are expensive and Birds love destroying everything. Here are some helpful little toys to keep your feathered toddlers under control.
I usually make these for my personal birds and sometimes I donate some to the local bird rescue. It's hard to keep buying the expensive toys and when you're short on cash this is a great alternative.

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Step 1: Needs

Make sure you have:
-Toilet paper roll
-shreaded paper
-treats. (peanuts, fruits, ect.)

Step 2: Stuff It

Just stuff the TP roll full of shreaded paper (and slip a treat inside if you have one.
TaDa! inexpensive toy!

Step 3: Pictures: Look at Her Work at It!

she loves to rip the papers our then destroy the roll.
also, my african grey is a rescue and she has a plucking habit. We have been working with her by rubbing medicated oil on her fatherless spots and vitamin supplements (all prescribed by the vet, in case anyone was curious I think its called sun oil? for birds). but she had this habitat before we got her.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great instructable. We have two grey's and a conure and I purchased a paper shredder a few months ago thinking of the birds for picking toys, I wish we had gotten one a long time ago. It was the best "toy" for them because we can easily shred a few pieces of paper and stuff the paper into any type of container for them to dig in and find treats or to lash a bundle together and hang somewhere for them to pick at. Best of all if they destroy it in 5 minutes you can give them another because they are practically free.


    5 years ago

    She's beautiful. My green cheek conure likes TP rolls. We give him plain ones and they're probably one of his favorite toys so I think he'll really love this! :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah! I hope he loves them, mine loves hers to pieces. Literally!