Toilet Prank 2

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If you wanted an extra laugh or 2 after the first toilet prank, then use this prank. what this does is rob the toilet of its ability to flush.

NOTE for best results, you can combine pranks. if you dont know the first one, here is a link to the original toilet prank


Step 1: Turn Off the Water

the first step to pranking the toilet will be to turn off the water in the toilet. please dont turn the water supply to the house otherwise the victim(s) will get suspicious. to turn the toilet off, there is a special knob on the pipe that you turn. turn that knob to shut the water off.

Step 2: Now... Flush!

now, flush the toilet to drain the toilet of water

Step 3: Enjoy!

now you can enjoy this prank and the look on the victim's face.

as i said on the intro, this will give you 4 times the laughs when you use it in conjunction with the other toilet prank i posted

again, a picture for this kind of instructable is inappropriate and would violate the terms of service



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