Toss It Paper Airplane


Introduction: Toss It Paper Airplane

hey this is my first entry on the toss it competition with many more to follow
this plane is called the eagle all my classmates worship it since it glides so well and they dont know how to fold it
it is rather uncomplicated though
this is my video and if the door wasn't there my plane would've gone way further

Step 1: Materials

this aircraft is a real plane that means: no cuts or more then 1 paper
so materials:
1 a4 printer paper

Step 2: the First Fold

valley fold in half

Step 3: The Second Fold

fold the corners to the middle

Step 4: The Third Fold

fold the point down

Step 5: The Fourth Fold

fold the upper corners diagonaly to the middle
this is the hardest step of the plane and still so easy

Step 6: The Fifth Fold

fold the little point up

Step 7: The Sixth Fold

fold in half and fold the wings

Step 8: DONE!!!!

you folded your first eagle

it takes a few try's to get how to throw it but when youve found it after i think about 2 throws its way worth it

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    My plane didn't look like this, even though I followed the other steps. Very confusing step!

    haha i was makeing these from the day i learn them in a magazine... In arg. we call it the "planeador" way better than the "super-easy" pplane

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    Simple and easy to make airplane. I have been doing this all my life, but now I have been creating my own and making other ones as well. Good job, but you have to post a 30 second (or less) video of it in flight.

    Oh, and I think this was posted once already...

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    dude intro =video at starts with a picture in my room but when you press play i hold that sign
    i like paper airplanes very much

    This is the style I've been making for all of my paper-airplane life (probably about 35 years). It's a great design!