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Introduction: Trading Card Holders

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This is a super simple project that can turn all of your trading cards sitting in books into a sweet display for your bedroom shelf, dining table, or wherever you want!!

Step 1: Sketchup - Card Holders

  1. using the circle tool, create a circle on the ground in sketchup, I made mine with a 13 millimeter radius.
  2. create a line straight across the circle
  3. create an arch over the circle, using the 2 point arc tool. I made the first 2 points on the edge of the lines, and then went straight up until I saw the label "half circle" and then clicked a 3rd time.
  4. using the follow me tool, grab the upright half circle, and spin it around the flat circle, until you've created a half sphere
  5. create 2 lines like in the picture, on the bottom of the circle
  6. Then use the push/pull tool to push up that "rectangle" that you created with the two lines, you must push it up past the top of the half sphere
  7. select the whole model, then Go to edit>intersect faces>with selection and click on that
  8. then look through the bottom of the circle and delete any lines that are hanging out there (refer to pics)
  9. then delete your rectangular prism thing that you've created in the middle of your sphere
  10. then draw a line across the inside of the sphere (refer to pictures)
  11. then use the push/pull tool to pull the bottom of the sphere across to make a bottom (again, refer to pics)

And now you have you card holders!!!!

Step 2: Sketchup - Props

Now for the props, you will have different props that you want depending on what sport's trading cards you have.

For hockey, you might have a goal, and a puck

For baseball, you might have some bases in a baseball diamond (pictured)

For football, you might have some yard markers and a field goal

and so on...

These are very easy to make, and not everyone is going to have the same props, so I won't go through how to make them.

here is a link to the baseball bases that I made:

Step 3: 3D Printing

Then you need to instal the sketchup stl extension, and then export the sketchup file as an stl by going to file>export stl

You can then upload the stl to your printer and print it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a 3D printer, so I am unable to print these, that is why I've enter the 3D printing contest in hopes to win a 3D printer, so please vote for me in that contest.

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