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We loved this iPhone hack by Brendan Dawes so much we thought we should share it with Instructables :)

It works great for other phones too, I also did one for an old Nokia and a Sony Ericsson, and why not ?! :) 

Step 1: What Do You Need...

your phone

the phone charger



cling film

some soapy water

If you are not familiar with sugru, you can find out more on our website -

Step 2: Open the Sugru Sachet

Cut open the sachet of sugru following the dotted line, this is the best way to remove sugru from the special foil sachet.

Knead the sugru in your fingers for half a minute, this helps the material work better.

Tear the sugru into 3 pieces; for this hack I needed 2 large ones and a small one.

Cover your phone in cling film, this will make sense a little later.

Step 3: Pop the Sugru in Place

Press the sugru onto the charger roughly where you need it.

Step 4: Get the Shape Right

Charging your phone creates heat so it's good to make a little space between the phone and the charger to allow air to circulate.

Pop the third piece of sugru onto the top of the charger making sure it sticks out a bit.

Once the sugru is in place, it's time to get the shape right.

Gently touch the sugru repeatedly to tweak the shape, don't panic, you have plenty of time.

Step 5: Create the Perfect Impression

Press your phone gently into the sugru and it will take a perfect impression, creating a snug fit for your phone.

1: To help with this process, rub a little soapy water onto the cling film you wrapped around your phone - soapy water works as a release agent for sugru preventing stuff from sticking to it :)

2: Gently press the phone into the sugru. Be careful, sugru will still be very soft, so be gentle so as not to deform your brackets too much.

After I completed this I realised that this step is not that necessary, so you could skip it if you liked. Take a look at the Sony Ericsson version in step 8 :)

Step 6: Smooth the Surface and Leave It to Cure

One final tip, to create a great smooth surface on sugru, use the soapy water again, just dip your finger into the soapy water and gently rub the surface of the sugru, you will notice that this will remove all your finger impressions giving your hack a slick smooth surface.

When you are happy with the shape of your new charging bracket, leave it somewhere to cure overnight.

In the morning, you will have a great new charging cradle :)

Step 7: Same Hack for a Nokia Phone

Here is the same hack but for my old backup Nokia phone.

I tried this one a little differently and really liked it :)

In this version I created a sock by pressing the sugru around the phone and it works a treat.

Step 8: Ooh, and a Sony Ericsson

The Sony Ericsson was a bit more of a challenge as it has a curved front, but not much of a challenge for sugru :)

This time I just made simple goat horns, I just played with the form a bit and it works great.



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    23 Discussions

    ah yes, the older version of the Apple USB plug, I still think this is much more beautiful than what they make now. Hmmmm, it is a bit of a challenge, have you any ideas how it could work on this plug?


    Hello Mr.Pug, sugru is packaged in a special moisture barrier foil, sugru will cure in a zip lock bag.


    Hi again Warlrosity, thought you might be interested in this Instructable to make your own DIY sugru sachets :)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hey there guys, Sugru is some kick butt rubber goo. I have some that I just received from ordering online. It got to me here (in the Midwest U.S.) super quick and it's about the best stuff out there. Nothing quite like it. Man, I wish you guys could get a distribution setup here in the U.S. I could see this stuff in every hardware store.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I spent 5 yrs in the UK and never had a plug fall out of the wall or have a blade bend. "Giant" is no bad thing...


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very helpful tutorial.

    Can you please tell me how you get the clock like that in the first step, last picture?

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Sugru can stand over 185 degrees celsius (water boils at 100 C, sorry I suck at Fahrenheit), so, heating should't be an issue


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm doubful about heating problems of iphone (or any phone)... not about Sugru. :-) I think the phone is too close to the electrical transformer and to its heat.