Transformers Optimus Prime Costume.

About: im an avid cosplayer, who works in cardboard, paper mache, foam, resin, fibreglass, electronics and plastic pipes. im a gas fitter by trade and can fix any boiler, fire or appliance and i occasionally creat...

a while ago i started an instructable on here, it was an optimus prime costume and an arcee fembot style costume, i made an instructable of the female helmet but never finished the project, i did get the ground work i decided to upload the pics any how.

so here you go a few progress pics and a few random cosplay moments, any questions or tips needed and i'm happy to give them.

the main item used was cardboard .........

the helmets were movie ones, primes was modified with cardboard and body filler...the other is repainted pink and white.

primes legs were cardboard with a plastic vents fitted on the shin

primes body was cardboard with lots of tape and hot glue used to hold the angles in postion.

fembots body was a foam camping matt cut and painted up.

its a shame it never reached a finished point, but life brings other more important things to the forefront.



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