Trash to Treasure 10- Halloween Rose Tree

Introduction: Trash to Treasure 10- Halloween Rose Tree

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This tree was inspired by a picture I saw of roses with eyeball centers, I didn't really set out to create this for this year but most of the materials seemed to find me or viza versa

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Step 1: Materials

I seem to find a LOT of fake trees on the curb, fake flowers are also in abundance, I bought a couple packs of eyeballs at the dollar store and grabbed my trusty glue gun

Step 2: Roses

I used 2 types of eyeballs for the rose centers unfortunately I only got pics of the the one style, fold the "petals" down and add a ring of hot glue then stick the eyeball in place. The other style "eyeball" is like a ping pong ball, for those I opened the 3 clear plastic "leaves" of the "bud" (see glue photo) inserted the ball and added a dab of glue under each "petal"

Step 3: The Tree

sharp eyed readers will notice I ended up using a different tree than the one pictured, mainly because someone had a great idea for the "dead" tree, maybe we'll see it again in a future "ible" . I wrapped the wire stems of the roses around the branches of the fake tree
then added some more greenery around the base. All the greenery and pots are also curb rescues

Step 4: Finish?

I'm not sure exactly where this will end up in the haunt but most likely it will be out front

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, it's really kind of funny when someone walks by and says " Ooooh what a pretty tree, what is it?" then get closer and see the eyeballs !