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This is a pretty simple mod to cut down the weight and size of a cheap set of hex keys and make them less prone to falling apart.

1) Buy a cheap set of hex keys (I paid €1.20 for this set)
2) Remove the two bolts holding everything together, my set helped me out by falling apart on it's own first.
3) Keep the hex keys, the longer bolt of the two and both nuts. Bin the rest.
3) Slide the hex keys onto the bolt.
4) Use both nuts to make a lock nut, loosely put both nuts on the bolt and then tighten the nuts against each other so it won't all fall apart.
5) You can use a zip tie to hold the end of the tools together, this can slide on and off when you need to use the tools.
6) Marvel at how clever you are and how much smaller this set of tools is now as you pop it in your pocket :)

I've decided to enter this in the latest pocket sized contest, please vote for this little instructable.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    A good idea, I really wanted to try it out, BUT the problem I see is that you dont have the same "torque" (I dont know, the power of turning the hex key) which you would have in the plastic (in my case steel) holder.