Travelling Sketch Book



Intro: Travelling Sketch Book

the ingredients
sketch book
4b clutch pencil
2 part epoxy
extra leads

Step 1: Cut

I took the book to Officeworks (like an Australian Staples) and for $1.00 they guillotined the pages where I marked.

Step 2: Elastic

I wound the elastic around a thin part of the pencil, then used another piece of elastic to make a knot holding it together.

Step 3: Glue

I like to use toothpicks to mix and place the glue, it gives me a bit more control.

Step 4: Ribbon

I cut the ribbon too wide and had to keep cutting.

Step 5: Finished

This is the finished book, the pencil fits perfectly so it's easy to use. This was a birthday present for my friend Richard to take with him and bring art into his day.



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